Investbank introduces a blink parking service for users of its mobile application

From June 2024, all customers of Investbank JSC using mobile banking have the opportunity to benefit from a new functionality in the Ibank Mobile application specifically to quickly and easily pay for parking in a blue and green zone in Sofia, as well as in over 20 other cities in the country.

Why park with Ibank Mobile?You use one application for everything – to bank, to pay bills and now to park;

  • There is no fee for the banking transaction itself, only the cost of parking, with no added costs;
  • The payment is instant;
  • You don’t lose time looking for which zone you have to pay for. Built-in localization automatically detects in which zone the car is in and therefore – what amount needs to be paid;
  • With blink parking you choose your parking time, and you can extend it with a new payment if the zone allows it;
  • Ibank Mobile notifies you when the paid hour is up;
  • You can create a vehicle profile and track history and the associated payments for this service.

How to use blink parking?

  • In order to use the service, you need to have active access to the internet banking system and to the Ibank Mobile application;
  • The Blink Parking service can be accessed from quick button from the “Home” menu or “More” menu.
  • Select button “Parking in zone”, select a vehicle profile or enter vehicle details
  • From “Location” button, you automatically enter a city and parking zone. Click the suggestion parking duration, which is tailored to the rules of each zone.
  • Pay without additional charge from the selected account by confirming with your login PIN.

When you have successfully paid for the parking, information about the zone which you have paid for, the period you have paid for, the car number and a button to extend the parking will appear on the screen.

You can create a vehicle profile from a button “Profile”.  In addition to the standard data, we have added a field for the car’s name. If you have more than one profile/car you can whitelist a specific account to appear by default each time you park.

Detailed instructions for setting up an account and paying for parking can be found in the Ibank mobile user guide, published on app page.