Consumer overdraft loan for individuals

Consumer overdraft loan for individuals


  • You pay interest rate only on the used amount and you can then reuse the repaid amount once again
  • Investbank JSC provides overdraft loan at an amount up to three net monthly salaries, at a maximum of three thousand leva


Current needs



Loan term

Term of 24 months with an option for multiple extensions of the term of disbursement
and repayment for another identical period

Disbursement term

Up to 21 months of the date of signing the agreement;


Multiple disbursement in overdraft mode

  •  Review fee - up to BGN 1000 - BGN 25; above BGN 1000 - BGN 50 /due if the term
    of the loan is extended
  • Fee for change in loan terms - pursuant to the Tariff of the Bank;

*The annual percentage rate of charge 17,87% for overdraft at the amount of BGN 3 000 for
the amount of 24 months, with a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan at the
amount of 12.95%, fee for review of overdraft application at the amount of BGN 50, fee for
issuing a debit card to a current account BGN 1.50 and monthly management fee for a current
account with an issued debit card BGN 2,50. Total due amount including interests, fees,
commissions - BGN 3 534,96. The calculations are based on the assumption that the overdraft
loan is fully disbursed for the entire term of the loan and only due interest rates and fees have
been paid on a monthly basis