Debit Mastercard

Debit Mastercard

With Debit Mastercard you can:

  • pay goods and services at a POS of a merchant free of charge, irrespective whether the payment is contactless or not
  • make contactless payments for your purchases at an amount up to BGN 100.  without entering a PIN code

In order to activate the contactless functionality, it is necessary to execute one transaction by direct contact so the chip is read by the ATM device.

As a bank issuer of Mastercard and VISA cards we support VISA Direct and MoneySend. The services ensure transfer of the funds by card which the bank recipient and issuer of the card then credits to the account of the customer within 30 minutes of the authorization. 

The modernization of the ATM network favors the convenience and optimization of services by providing 24/7 service to the Bank's customers.  From the end of August 2020, our customers now have the opportunity to execute contactless transactions and deposit funds to their accounts during non-working hours and on the weekends.

The customers are able to deposit funds and dispose of them in their accounts in less than 30 minutes after the deposit, irrespective whether the payment was made during working hours, in the night or on a non-working day. 

In case of loss or theft of your card, please, immediately call +359 700 12 555 or +359 2 921 51 51 (BORICA AD).

You can receive more information about Debit Mastercard at all financial centers of Investbank  in the country, as well as at phone number:  0700 12 555.

  •  You can pay online, anywhere where Mastercard cards are accepted
  • You can make cash withdrawals from any ATM or POS in the country and abroad.

Advantages of Debit Mastercard:

  •  Speed – you can pay simply by bringing the card close to the POS terminal
  • Convenience – you don't have to enter a PIN code for payments up to BGN 100

Security – the card never leaves your hand during the payment process.  The card holder can choose the method of authentication within the frameworks of the transaction itself - biometric authentication or the use of a static or dynamic password.  3D Card Protection 

 Broad scope of application – you use your own funds even in situation when you typically need to use a credit card.