Debit card with included health insurance

Debit card with included health insurance

  • An exclusive co-branded international debit contactless card for individual customers:  Debit Mastercard Paypass with included health insurance for the card holders, in partnership with one of the leaders in health insurance - Insurance Company Bulgaria Insurance AD.

Purpose of the product:

A product without analogue on the market that distinguishes Investbank JSC by including a health insurance to the debit card, valid on the territory of Bulgaria.

The insurance amount/liability limit stands at BGN 1000 (thousand).

Characteristics of the product:

  •  The international debit contactless card Debit Mastercard for natural persons
  • The card will be used both for making payments and for identification of the customers of Insurance Company Bulgaria Insurance AD
  • The product provides all functionalities - withdrawals in cash, payments via ATM of Investbank JSC with a deposit function, payment at a POS terminal, etc.)
  •  The card will be accepted at any location where Mastercard cards are accepted
  •  Option for biometric authentication of the card holder for online settlements with merchants by the installed 3DSec mobile application
  •  Special preferential tariff of the insurer
  • To the main card we can issue additional cards for members of your family
  • Additional preferences and discounts by the Mastercard partners all over the world.

A list of retail stores all over the world, where you can pay with your card and benefit from price discounts and a number of other special offers is available at

Insurance premium – BGN 12 with included 2% of Insurance Premium Tax shall be paid on a monthly basis by the card holders of co-branded debit card Debit Mastercard PayPass of the Bank.

Coverage of the included Health Care Plus health insurance:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Hospital treatment
  • Reimbursement of expenses for drugs and medicinal products
  • Private psychologist - confidential therapy counseling over the phone
  • AloDoc – fast and personalized phone and online service providing access to advice and recommendation from the company's medical experts on health issues.