Mortgage loan for the acquisition of a real estate property

Mortgage loan for the acquisition of a real estate property

  • Market rate aligned with the European index
  • Long period of repayment
  • Credit card as a bonus
up to 35 years
repayment period

  • Market rate aligned with the European index
  • Long repayment period
  • Opportunity to use part of the funds for repairs and finishing works;
  • Opportunity to finance the purchase of properties with Act 14** and Act 15
  • Opportunity to use up to a 12-month grace period for the principal
  • No fees for home loan applications submitted until 31.07.2023.

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To finance the purchase, construction, renovation and/or finishing works of the residential property purchased



Repayment term

Up to 35 years

Interest rate

Opportunity to choose between the annuity installments or equal installments for principal and decreasing installments for interest rate. Opportunity for an individual repayment scheme with monthly installments of various amount, if there is seasonality in the customer's income, but with equal annual repayments of the principal.


*The annual percentage rate of charge stands at 4.55% for loans at the amount of BGN 50 000, up to 75% of the collateral value, with repayment term of 20 years and floating interest rate at the amount of 12M EURIBOR + markup but no less than 3,80% and with the use of interest rate bonuses for salary transfer, credit card use and "Invest Optima +" package. The calculations take into account the following expenses: review fee - BGN 350, risk assessment fee - BGN 50, Invest Optima+ package monthly fee - BGN 5,99 and monthly credit card fee - EUR 2. The monthly installment stands at EUR 297.75 exclusive of monthly fees. With the fees included the monthly installments stand at EUR 319.48, as well as with included costs for the Accident and Sickness insurance of the borrower. The total amount due for repayment stands at EUR 75 231.31 including the cost of fees and the Accident and Sickness insurance. It is necessary to take out a property insurance.  The cost of the Property insurance is not included in the annual percentage rate of charge.

** The funding of the purchase of real estate property at a "rough construction" stage of completion /ACT 14 is admissible only for properties purchased from developers who have received funding for the construction from the Bank or a property owned by the Bank.