Deposit Start

Deposit Start

  • You can deposit your unrestricted cash funs at all financial centers and offices of the Bank
    both in BGN, as well as in any other currency units by ID card alone.
  • The interest is charged on the deposit on a daily basis and is paid at the final maturity date.
    The payment of the interest can be credited to a deposit account, demand deposit or
    current account of the customer.
  • There are no restrictions for the deposit of cash funds in the deposit account.

Investbank JSC offers a 12-month deposit in BGN and EUR, with the possibility of additional payment and preliminary termination. The Start deposit is offered in all financial centers and offices in Investbank AD, as well as through the Bank's Internet Banking platform.

Deposit terms:

  • Minimum opening amount: 500 BGN or 250 EUR
  • Monthly top-up of funds on the deposit account is allowed until the end of the 5th month from the opening of the deposit. The total monthly amount that can be topped up should not exceed the amount with which the deposit was opened;
  • The interest is accrued and paid monthly to the current, savings or card account of the client
  • As a bonus, the clients receive the opportunity to include the service "Time is money" free of charge on the account on which the interest is paid.

The deposit is guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund up to the amount provided by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act.