Maya Stancheva - Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of Investbank AD with an interview in the magazine "Women: smart future"

The magazine "Women: smart future" published an interview with Ms. Maya Stancheva - Member of the Management Board and Executive Director of Investbank JSC. The magazine is a project of "24 hours" and the site

The magazine presents WOMEN'S VISIONARIES who have the potential to stand out with their bold ideas and innovative solutions. These are women who look to the future and do not remain impartial to the problems of the world and its needs.

"If there are no people to trust, and the most brilliant idea is just a piece of paper," said Ms. Stancheva in an interview, and to find out what is her first childhood dream and what are the most important steps in the life of a woman to become a successful person, read the full text of the interview here.