Investbank offers all its customers holders of current card accounts, both individuals and corporate clients, a choice of a most convenient way to pay their own bills, or the bills of third persons, for public utility services /electricity, water supply, central heating, telephone bills etc./

If you are a master of your own working hours, you can make your personal choice of a method to pay your monthly bills:

Via the В-Pау service – payments are effected from an ATM by selecting the menu option “Other services”, then choosing the function “Payment of bills” and following strictly the instructions that appear on the ATM screen.
Or you may prefer to pay your bills while traveling, via a Mobile phone /after registration with the bank for the respective service/.
If you use more frequently a stationary telephone, choose the Ерау.Voice service for paying your bills via telephone /after registration with the Bank/.
For Internet fans – visit the site www.Epay.Bg where you can also check your card account balance at any time.
If you are too busy, take advantage of our service “TIME IS MONEY” for automated electronic payment of utility bills with your debit card. After registration with the Bank, customers would be able to pay electronically their bills to the following merchants:

Electricity distribution companies
Heating companies
Gas companies
Mobile and telephone operators
Water and sewage companies
Cable and satellite TV
Internet providers etc.

Card holders receive SMS notification for all paid services. Customers may set maximum limits on the utility bills to be paid from their current card accounts. The fees for service registration and maintenance are as specified in Investbank’s Terms and Conditions.

With a first and greatest concern for its clients Investbank offers all debit and credit cardholders the service “SAFETY FOR YOUR MONEY” – SMS notification for all transactions with a bank card (from ATM or POS terminals) with data about amount paid, card number, date and time of the transaction, and merchant’s name.