INVESTBANK offers its customers the possibility to effect domestic and international payments, and documentary transactions in an expedient and reliable way at most favourable fees.
INVESTBANK is a member of the international organization for financial communication S.W.I.F.T (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and has correspondent relations with over 200 foreign banks.

To effect payments in foreign currency the Bank requires documents in compliance with Bulgarian legislation requirements::

or amounts up to the equivalent of BGN  30, 000  - payment order with declared purpose of payment;
for amount equal to or exceeding the equivalent of BGN 30, 000  -payment order with declared purpose of payment; documents,evidencing purpose of payment as per the provisions of  Currency Law and the Ordinance by the Bulgarian National Bank and  the Ministry of Finance ; declaration according to the Law on the Measures against Money 
for amount equal to or exceeding the equivalent of BGN 100 000 – in addition to the above mentioned documents, a statistics form, as per BNB standard form shall be attached. 
INVESTBANK issues a copy of the SWIFT receipt for an effected payment on the day of payment order.

Investbank executes payments in foreign currency with a value date and by commissions according to the Terms and Conditions for individual clients. 

You can receive a foreign currency transfer on your accounts with Investbank with a prior notification to the payer  about the Bank’s BIC code  – IORTBGSF, about your  IBAN, including the name and the correspondent bank of Investbank.

Incoming payments are executed with a value date one working day after the value date of the correspondent bank.