Instant payments Blink

From 01.06.2023 Investbank JSC offers its customers the possibility to send Blink Instant Transfers through the National Card and Payment System of Borika JSC


What is Blink?

– the fastest transfers in BGN from and to Individuals and Legal Entities, which are carried out at any time and are received by the other party in seconds (10s).

Who can order Blink?

- All individuals and legal entities with a current account or savings deposit in Investbank AD can order a transfer to another account opened with payment service providers in Bulgaria, certified under the Blink Program.

Which accounts are included in Blink?

– Current accounts and savings deposits in BGN for individuals and business customers.

When can you order Blink?

– 24/7/365 - You can schedule Blink at any time of the day, any day of the week, all year round.

Where can you order Blink?

- You can order an instant Blink transfer through the Bank's Digital Channels - Internet Banking and Mobile Banking - as well as at a counter in any Investbank AD office.

To take advantage of Blink instant transfers via Ibank Mobile, update the app to a minimum of Android 2.3.1 and iOS 2.8.

How much does Blink cost?

– Through digital channels, the fee is the same as that of a standard BGN transfer.

How much can I order Blink?

– The maximum amount of one transfer and total transfers in 24 hours is BGN 30,000.

Number of initiated credit transfers - no limit
Number of credit transfers received – no limit

Payment channel Type of translation Currency Clients Limit Number of translations 
Online banking; Mobile banking; bank office Credit transfer BGN Individuals and legal entities 30 000 BGN Unlimited


What translations cannot be arranged Blink?

Instant payments in BGN using the Blink system are only possible between payment service providers that have joined the program.
Blink Instant Payments are executed upon availability of payment service providers.
Blink Instant Payments are not applicable to Direct Debits, Budget Transfers, Recurring and Bulk Transfers.