With Current account “Extra+” with Investbank you receive a maximum balance between yield and flexibility for the management of your funds. 

You no longer need to pay attention to maturity dates.  You can withdraw and deposit additional funds on your account without limits.

Interest Rates Bulletin

Terms and conditions:

No opening fee
Monthly maintenance fee – BGN 1.00 per month 
Method of payment : It’s an annual interest, but is accrued on a daily basis and is paid monthly.
 A notice is required for withdrawing amounts over BGN 2 000 or equivalent at maturity of term deposits.

The Bank requires notice-request of 2 /two/ working days until 2:00 p.m. for withdrawing amounts over BGN 2000

The Bank requires notice-request of 3 /three/ working days until 2.00 p.m. for withdrawing amounts over BGN 1000 currency units.

As a prior notice shall be considered only a request filed for withdrawals in the respective currency to be withdrawn in cash, regardless of the currency of the customer’s account.

In case a notice  is not submitted the Bank reserves its right to refuse to pay the requested amount in cash.

Deposits with Investbank are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund by terms and conditions and volume that are specified in the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.