With blink P2P from "Investbank" JSC transfers are seconds away!

From the month of December, all customers of "Investbank" JSC using mobile banking will have
the opportunity to make and receive quick, easy and convenient, with a high level of security,
instant payments to a mobile number through the blink P2P service.

Why use blink P2P?

● You can make transfers by mobile number that arrive in seconds;
● You receive the fastest transfers in national currency;
● You do not need to know the recipient's IBAN, only their phone number;
● Maximum transaction limit: up to BGN 2,000;
● In the period until 31.12.2024. no fee is charged for transactions up to BGN 100.

How to make a transfer by mobile number?

● Select the 'Transfers' menu in your Ibank Mobile application;
● Choose 'Leva blink P2P' for the transaction;
● Select the account from which you want to make the transfer;
● Choose a phone number* from your contacts and confirm it in the standard way, as you have done until now.

How to benefit from the Blink P2P mobile number transfer service?

● Open mobile or Internet banking;
● Select the 'Settings' menu (Ibank Mobile - top right) and click on 'blink P2P.'
● Familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of payment services. For your convenience, we have removed the part relating to transfers by mobile number;
● Confirm your agreement with the General Terms and Conditions;
● Select an account on which you want to receive transfers by a mobile number. The telephone number registered with the bank will be filled in automatically.


To send a transfer using a mobile number, the recipient's mobile number must be registered for this service;
Only one IBAN can be linked to one phone number;
When changing the mobile phone, the customer should independently update their registration.
Customers with a standard current account in BGN at Investbank have the option to activate the service through Ibank Mobile or their Internet banking, provided they have an up-to-date mobile number in their client profile at the bank. Users with active rights can receive transfers by a mobile number; to order such, it is necessary to use the Ibank Mobile mobile application. Users with passive rights can only receive transfers by a mobile number. Payments are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Instant payments to a Blink P2P mobile number in BGN under the Blink program of the National
Card and Payment Scheme, part of BORICA JSC, will be made only between payment service providers that have joined and participate in the program