„3D Card Protection“ is the service that provides a higher level of security for card payments online.  It is offered to card holders at Investbank JSC jointly with the Visa and Mastercard card operators.

For each payment with an online merchant whose virtual POS terminal is 3D Secure, the card holder will receive at their phone a free SMS text message with a one-time password, used to confirm the transaction.  The password is a six-digit number, it is received from short number 184343 and is entered in the designated field on the website, where the payment is made, which indicates the name of the merchant, the payment amount, the last four digits of the number of the card and the last four digits of the mobile phone number.

The card holders who have not provided a current mobile phone number at the Bank may experience difficulties making online purchases.  If your online payment is unsuccessful, please, make sure that you have provided your current phone number to us.

The service is offered for all debit and credit cards issued by Investbank JSC.

You can receive more information about the 3D Card Protection service at all financial centers of Investbank  in the country, as well as at phone number:  0700 12 555.

In addition to the dynamic password upon online payment the customer must enter also the static password received in the PIN envelope.  It does not have an expiry date and may be changed at any time by the card holder from the customer portal at BORICA AD - https://3ds.borica.bg/IBANK

Investbank JSC facilitates its customers by offering a method for biometric authentication for online payments.  The current card holders of the Bank with registered cards for the 3D Card Protection service can already install the BORICA application 3Dsec , which is a separate mobile application for smart phones.  The service is accessible for customers whose phones work on Android or iOS operating system. 

The card holder can choose the method of authentication within the frameworks of the transaction itself - biometric authentication or the use of a static or dynamic password.

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