Investbank AD is a licensed investment intermediary and performs transfers with all securities required on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, including compensatory instruments and investment vouchers, which can be used as a means of payment for privatization transactions. In trading at the expense of their customers, banks follow the principles of protection of their interests and decisions to buy or sell are made on the basis of retained preliminary analysis. Clients can receive advice on stock market trends, stock trading and individual portfolios depending on their investment goals. Investbank AD is a primary dealer of government securities / government securities / and provides its clients with the opportunity to purchase government-guaranteed securities with high liquidity on the secondary market. The Bank offers repurchase agreements for short-term and medium-term financing, opening a sub-register for government securities and a variety of different yields and periods of securities.Government securities transactions denominated in BGN, EUR and USD are made. Clients can participate in all auctions of the Ministry of Finance with competitive and non-competitive orders. Client orders for securities transactions are accepted at the Head Office and in all financial centers of Investbank AD, are executed with the necessary speed and in strict compliance with the instructions given by the client.