INVESTBANK is a commercial bank, licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank and the Financial Supervision Commission. Investbank has long dated experience in the area of bondholders trustee bank according to the requirements of the Bulgarian Law for the public offering of securities, and employs professional staff to handle its responsibilities. The Bank has four running contracts for bondholders trustee, covering four securities, issued on the local market by four different companies. The responsibilites of Investbank include, but are not limited to:

Analyziong the financial status of the securities issuer.
Providing reports to the regulated market and to the Financial Supervision Commission on the security of the bonds emission.
Answering questions of bondholders concerning the bonds emission.
Undertaking the neccessary actions according to the requirements of the Law for the public offering of securities in order to ensure the protection of the bondholders’ rights and interests.
For detailed information, please contact us on tel.: +359 2 81 86 128, 81 86 129, 81 86 191 or on: