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PSD 2 Open Banking

Directive PSD2

“Open Banking” comes as a result of Directive (EU) 2366/2015 /PSD2/ by the European Banking Authority (EBA). It enables individual and business customer to securely share their data with banks and Third Party Providers, which perform the payment initiation services, account information provision services and confirmation of funds services. The data is shared via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

PSD2′s main objective is to stimulate competition and innovation in payment services. Third party access to the user information provided through the portal is only possible with the specific consent of the client.

Third Party Provider (“TPP”) API Portals

The launch of the portal is both in compliance with the legal requirements and in the context of the Bank’s digitalization strategy, which aims at promoting and introducing innovation for costumers while maintaining the high level of security of the services provided.

Investbank JSC, as part of the PSD 2 efforts provides:

  • A testing facility based on “Berlin Group” and BISTRA standards and available for authorized Third Party Providers to test API access from March, 14th 2019 on the following address: https://developer.ibank.bg/ibank-sb/psd2/
  • A production facility based on “Berlin Group” and BISTRA standards enabling authorized Third Party Providers to provide PSD2 services from September, 14th 2019 on the following address: https://developer.ibank.bg/ibank/psd2/

Daily statistics to compare PSD2 services availability and performance of the interfaces of the Bank’s own users and TPP interfaces will be published starting from January, the 7th 2020.


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