Credit card Mastercard Business

Credit card Mastercard Business


  • International credit card with high transactional and credit limits
  • The longest grace period in the country – up to 60 days
  • Automatic Cash back for all purchases
  • Free travel insurance package
  • Discounts in international hotel chains, rent-a-car companies, travel, entertainment and other services provided by Mastercard
  • Access to VIP lounges at airports
  • No more queuing for luggage checks with “Fast Track” service of Mastercard
  • Validity term - 5 years
  • Secure online payments

Investbank AD has the pleasure to present to you the international contactless Mastercard Business credit card. We could issue add-on cards to members of your employees as well. You could use your Mastercard Business credit card in 24 million service establishments and 160 countries worldwide. 

Some of the main features and benefits of your Mastercard Business are:

·          No fee for issuing, reissuing and payments in merchants locally and abroad, as well as no fees for online payments;

·         Pay with your Mastercard Business and for each spent BGN you receive cash back in accordance with the terms and conditions of “Cash back” loyalty scheme;

·         You also benefit from free travel insurance package – up to 10 000 EUR liability while traveling abroad, covering hospitalization abroad, emergency examination, emergency dental care, luggage theft, 3rd party liability coverage etc.; 

·         Free access to the comforts of the business lounge “Pliska” and „Preslav” at Sofia airport Terminal 2.

·         As Mastercard Business cardholder you can benefit from the privilege of cutting the line for mandatory luggage checks with Fast Track service offered by Mastercard. The service allows you to move ahead of the que with priority at a designated line for luggage checks.

·         Lowest interest rate on the market – only 1.25% over the spent amount in case you don’t manage to cover in full your monthly expenses within the grace period

·         In fact, you don’t have to pay interest - You benefit from the longest grace period in the country – up to 60 days, a period in which you could repay your obligations without being charged with interest.

·         High security of payments, guaranteed by the chip technology as well as the 3D secure card protection service for safer online payments;

·          As of 18.01.2021 the bank offers biometric authentication for online payments. All existing cardholders of the Bank with registered cards for the 3D secure card protection service could install Borica’s application – a stand-alone mobile application for smart phones. The service could be used by customers with Android and iOS phones.

·         The application 3DSec is Borica branded and has to be installed on the mobile device. The onboarding process is very simple. The application 3DSec could be found at: :

·         When paying online on merchant websites branded with Mastercard Identity Check, the cardholder chooses an authentication method – biometric authentication or input of static and dynamic password.

The static password, printed on the PIN mailer has no expiry date and could be changed at any time by the cardholder at Borica’s clients portal


The service is applied to all cardholders who have registered a valid mobile phone number in a bank’s office. 

·         Availability of SMS notification service for all payment transactions;

·         Additional benefits and discounts at Mastercard’s partners throughout the world.

The full list of merchants offering discounts when paying with your Mastecard card could be found at


In order to insure the security of the funds on your card, Mastercard Business has pre-defined transaction limits published at the Bank’s tariff

Should you like to change the transactional limits, you could fill in a specialized form at any bank branch

Should you have more inquiries regarding the most current benefits of Mastercard Business credit card, please contact one of our representatives at 0700 12 555 or write us an e-mail at