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Corporate Social Responsibility


Annual Award “Responsible Company – Responsible Employees” and  Special Award for donation activities distinguished Investbank for its charity causes

During an official ceremony in Sofia, organized by the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF), the Bulgarian Public Relations Society (BPRS) and the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM), Investbank was honored with Silver Award “Responsible Company – Responsible Employees” and Special Award for professionals, developing donation activities from their workplaces in a creative and efficient way.

The prizes are given to Investbank for its achievements in promoting, encouraging and developing charity programs and the opportunities which the Bank provides for donation activities of its employees.

A special Social Council is operating at the Bank, whose members are representatives of the employees and the employer. The Social Council is managing the funds accumulated in the Corporate Social InvestFund.

InvestFund is developing on the principle of co-financing by the employees and their employer. “The leading role of the employees is an important instrument for stimulating the commitment of the employer to socially significant causes supported by the employees themselves”, said Lyudmila Stoeva, Director “Human Resources Management Division” in the bank, whose team develops ideas, projects, initiatives and in-house events for systematic donation activities in favor of social projects and social causes. “By encouraging donation and volunteering activities we aim at showing that CSR is not passing through separating people from their professional sphere, but makes up to it and harmonizes it.”

There are numerous charity events and volunteering activities of the employees of Investbank, which wins recognition as a socially responsible financial institution with unique for this country initiatives, united by the cause of the bank for safeguarding the cultural heritage and spiritual wealth of Bulgaria, for supporting the Bulgarian culture, education and sports, for promoting development of young people.