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Investment Intermediation

Brokerage of Financial Instruments, Listed for Trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Investbank is licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission as an Investment Intermediary. The Bank holds a full license for investment intermediation and conducts stock exchange brokerage with all financial instruments.

Registration Agent

Investbank is one of the few banks in Bulgaria which have a license from the Central Depository JSC to operated and conduct business as a Registration Agent. As such, Investbank offers the following range of services:

  • Registration of deals with financial instruments which are concluded directly between the parties;
  • Transfers of fincnial instruments for donations and inheritances;
  • Ammendments in the data concernign the owners of the securities and removal of mistakes;
  • Portfolio condition requests;
  • Issuance of duplicate copies of certification documents and other actions, set in the Rules and Regulations of the Central Depository JSC. The government bonds, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the REpublic of Bulgaria are not a in the scope of these activities.

Investbank operates a wide network fo financial centers, where our clients can receive comprehensive and competent advice by excellently trained staff about the services, which the Bank offers as an investment intermediary and a registration agentн.

For more information, please contact us on phones: +359 2 81 86 128, +359 2 40 13 613, +359 2 81 86 182, Clients Department, e-mail: [email protected]