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Foreign Exchange and Exchange and Securities Transactions


Investbank is an active trader on foreign exchange markets and offers its clients cash and non-cash foreign exchange transactions in all major currencies at most favourable exchange rates. For amounts exceeding BGN 10,000 or its FX equivalent the exchange rate can be negotiated directly with the Liquidity Department of the Bank. For smaller amounts the officially announced CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES which Investbank holds. The bank dealers provide consultation services to clients regarding current FX markets status. Foreign currency exchange transactions, both in cash and through bank accounts, can be executed in the central bank office and in all bank financial centers throughout the country.



Investbank is a licensed investment intermediary and offers transactions with all kinds of securities traded at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia, including compensatory instruments and investment vouchers to be used as payment tools in privatization deals. When trading on behalf of its clients, the Bank observes strictly the principle of protecting their interests and all decisions regarding purchase or sale of securities are made on the basis of comprehensive preliminary analysis. Customers of the Bank can receive competent consultation on current stock market tendencies, trade in shares as well as on developing individual investment portfolios to meet personal investment goals. Investbank is a primary dealer in government securities /GS/ and offers its customers a possibility to purchase securities guaranteed by the Bulgarian Government with high liquidity on the secondary market. The Bank offers repo transactions for short-term and medium-term financing, opening of a GS sub-register and a wide range of securities with various rates of return and maturity terms. Transactions with government securities denominated in BG levs, Euro and US dollars can be carried out. Customers of the Bank can participate in all auctions organized by the Ministry of Finance, with both competitive and non-competitive orders. Customers’ orders for transactions with securities can be placed with the central office of the Bank as well as with all financial centers/offices of Investbank. All trading orders are processed quickly and in full compliance with customer’s instructions.