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Loans for doctors and dentists, working with NHIF/RHIF

With the credit facilities offered by Investbank will be able to meet both their short-term financing needs and to make plans for the development of your practice on preferential terms.

Investbank offers doctors and dentists working under contract with the National Health Insurance Fund / NHIF, preferential conditions for the following products:

Consumer Loan

Financing of all types of needs
Opportunity for combining obligations and flexible repayment 
Maximum extent up to 60,000 BGN and repayment period up to 10 years
Interest rate with interest bonus * (possibility for reducing the interest rate by up to 0.60% upon  using  ”Time is money” service,  active internet banking and insurance from Insurance Company Bulgaria
-  7.35% – fixed annual interest rate for the first year;
- 7.35% – floating rate (Sofibor / Euribor 12m + mark-up), but not less than 7.35%