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Mobile payments through mobb service with bank cards of Investbank

What is  mobb?

mobb is the first mobile application of “BORICA – BANKSERVICE.” With mobb you can turn your mobile phone into a secure and convenient way to manage and pay with your debit and credit cards of Investbank. Practically with mobb you have a mobile wallet.

What are the advantages of mobb?

Mobb application is available for all leading mobile platforms iOS, Android, Blackberry OS 7 and Windows Phone 8 and can be used by subscribers of all mobile operators. You do not have to change your SIM card.
Faster and more secure payments online and in stores – mobb does not require to enter your card information or your personal data. mobb uses patented technology – Code for payment, which is entered manually by you or the merchant.
Ability to lock and unlock your bank cards with just one touch if you want to restrict their use. With one touch you can deny access to your cards
Have a look at your finances in real time. You can make reference to your last 5 transactions.
Ability to send money anytime to / from other users mobb via your mobile phone.
With a subscription, you can register many cards without paying additional fees

How to take advantage of the service?

Download the mobb from Google Play or Apple App Store and register an unlimited number of cards by using the activation code. The activation code you can get an ATM or through online transaction www.mobb.bg