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Contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass

With the new debit card Debit MasterCard PayPass by Investbank, besides all traditional methods of payment and cash withdrawal, you can also make contactless payments in stores. PayPass™ features a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antenna. Contactless payments are made at POS terminal just by waving the card at the indicated spot without any physical contact. POS terminals where you can make contactless payments are indicated with the following symbols:

With Debit MasterCard PayPass you can:

  • pay for goods and services at a merchant’s POS terminal free of charge, regardless of whether the payment is contactless or contact  
  • make contactless payment for your purchases worth up to BGN 25 incl. without entering a PIN code
  • pay online, wherever MasterCard cards are accepted
  • withdraw cash free of charge at Investbank’s ATMs
  • withdraw cash from any ATM or POS in the country and abroad
  • register your card free of charge for the 3D Card Secure for more secure online payments
  • register your card for the mobb mobile banking service
  • execute all other operations typical of standard debit cards


The advantages of Debit MasterCard PayPass are:

  • Speed – you pay only by waving the card to the POS terminal
  • Convenience – you do not enter PIN code for payments up to BGN 25
  • Security – the card is always in your hand during the payment
  • Wide range of application – you use your own funds in situations that usually require the usage of a credit card.

You can receive more information about Debit MasterCard PayPass in all financial centers of the Bank  in the country and on tel.:+359 700 12 555.