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3D Card Protection

3D card protection is a new service of Investbank, which gives you enhanced security in online payments with debit and credit cards.

The service allows you to join the schemes for extra security of internet payments Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, depending on the type of your debit or credit card issued by Investbank with the logo of Visa or MasterCard.

Opting to pay at merchants registered with the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, you get more secure purchases. Such extra security is obtained by entering your own password, further to the standard data required by merchants to pay for goods and services on the internet.

Registration of the service is entirely free and it is easy to activate.


You can find the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Investbank for using the 3D card protection service  here

You can download a full guide for VISA cards  here

You can download a full guide for Maestro cards and MasterCard cards  here


How to register for the service?

Register your card on an ATM bearing the BORICA logo by taking the following steps:

1. Press the “Other services” button on the master screen.

2. Select “Internet payment”, then select button   


3. From the available options select the one of your preference and enter a valid PIN code. You will receive a 9-digit code, which is your password.


4. Use the password to register your user profile on Investbank’s website.

     Create your user profile here: 

          For VISA credit and debit cards

          For MasterCard credit and debit cards