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Retail Banking

As a universal commercial bank, Investbank AD offers its clients the whole product range of retail banking services for individuals. Besides traditional bank products and services, Investbank AD also offers its customers flexible comprehensive financial solutions fully corresponding to their needs.

  • credit


    Investbank PLC offers loans and comprehensive credit solutions according to the customer needs. Loans are granted under clear terms, allowing...

  • deposit


    Investbank offers different types of deposits for legal entities. Deposit products are flexible, highly profitable  with a variety of terms...

  • about_client

    Current Accounts

    With Investbank you can open and use different bank accounts for payments in BGN and foreign currency.

  • bank_cards

    Bank Cards

    We offer a wide range of debit and credit cards which can save time and costs as well as provide...

  • payments


    Investbank offers you the opportunity to effect payments both in Bulgaria and abroad under favourable conditions.

  • currency_transactions_and_securities

    FX Deals and Securities Transactions

    Investbank is an active player on the foreign currency markets and is a licensed investment intermediary that deals with all...

  • utility_payments

    Utility Payments

    Choose the most convenient way to pay your utility bills – by Investbank bank card or by using our special...

  • Gold and numismatics

    Investbank offers you commemorative coins, gold and silver collector and investment coins and bullion, as well as other items of...