ние сме партньори с нашите клиенти

Package Programs for legal entities

Investbank has created special business packages, including a collection of banking products and services necessary for convenient and secure banking.

With one total monthly charge, including the cost of servicing your payment account, managing your bank service charges is even easier.

Benefits for you:

  • to pay a single monthly fee and receive a bank service at a preferential price;
  • to optimize your spending on banking products and services
  • to manage your daily banking easily;
  • to get quick and easy access to your money with online banking and debit cards
  • to perform transactions with your partners in the country and abroad at preferential prices, anytime, anywhere.

From Bank Packages for business clients can benefit:

  • legal entities;
  • sole traders;
  • branches of local and foreign merchants and commercial representations of non-residents;
  • freelancers etc.

In addition, you will receive the following preferential terms and conditions:

  • free of charge opening an account;
  • higher limit and preferential cash withdrawal and deposit fees;
  • in case of prepayment of an annual subscription you will receive a discount of 1 monthly fee;
  • free of charge Internet banking;
  • free of charge  SMS for change in balance and for the final balance on the package account (s);
  • free of charge issuance of up to 3 corporate debit cards;
  • refund of application fee for standard credit products for SMEs;
  • discount on the interest rate on using Standard credit products for SMEs;
  • credit card – with 50% discount of the monthly fee for one basic credit card.


Other preferences – applicable to all Package Programs

  • Credit card – 50% discount from monthly service fee for 1 number of basic credit card;
  • Interest rate discount on using standard business credit;
  • Discount from examination fee and preparation of an opinion on loan application – 50% discount;
  • In case the client prepays the subscription for the whole year, he uses a discount of 1 monthly subscription fee