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Invest Growth: Standard Investment Loan

Investment Loan designed for business needs in BGN and EUR

  • for purchase of machinery, equipment and vehicles; 
  • for new construction, reconstruction and expansion;
  • for purchase of property / offices, commercial premises, industrial premises, warehouses /
  • for refinancing of loans with similar parameters.

FInancing – up to 80% of the investment
Repayment term – to 10 years
Grace period – 18 months for loans secured by mortgage and up to 12 months for loans secured by machinery and equipment and others.
Favorable interest rates and an opportunity to use interest bonuses
For  loans up to BGN 100 000 the bank requires collateral mortgage

  • mortgage on property in residential, office, commercial building or industrial building;
  • mortgage on agricultural land;
  • pledge of machines, vehicles related to the core business of the company
  • restricted cash account with the Bank.

The insurance value of the insured to the bank guarantees should be in an amount not more than 100% of the market value of the collateral and no less than the outstanding debt.

Attractive bonuses and discounts:

  • possibility of issuing a corporate credit card with preferential terms