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Invest+ Termless Deposit


Currency: BGN and EUR

Munimum amount: BGN 2,000 or EUR 1,000

Terms of deposit:

  • The interest is paid at the end of each calendar year and is capitalized on the deposit account.
  • Installments and withdrawals of amounts without limits. The interest will be updated according to new deposit amount from the date of installment or withdrawal of the amount.
  • No fees and commissions for opening, maintaining and closing deposit account.
  • When the account balance is under BGN 2,000 or EUR 1,000, the interest will be the interest for current account in the respective currency, according to the Terms and Conditions of Investbank JSC.

Interest Rates Bulletin

 For withdrawals over BGN 2,000 or their equivalent in currency, a prior notice is required:

Request from 2 / two / working days until 14:00 – for withdrawals in cash over BGN 2,000;
Request from 3 /three/ working days until 14:00 – for withdrawals in cash over 1000 currency units.

A notice is a request submitted for withdrawal in the relevant currency, which will be withdrawn in cash regardless of the currency of the account; In case no notice is given, the Bank reserves the right to refuse to pay in cash the requested amount.

Deposits with Investbank are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund by terms and conditions and volume that are specified in the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.