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Credit Cards VISA

A sense of uniqueness with the VISA credit cards of Investbank!

INVESTBANK offers its customers an extensive range of credit cards bearing the VISA logo. All international credit cards of Investbank are issued and reissued free of charge, and use of POS terminals in the country and abroad commands no fee as well. The Bank issues the following types of credit cards in EUR, BGN, and USD. As required by the cardholder, INVESTBANK may also issue additional credit cards to the main one, for use by persons authorized by the cardholder.


Personal credit cards:

Business credit cards:

Investbank also issues the specialized card VISA FreeCard, which is specifically developed for freelancers.

Using Investbank’s credit cards you can:

Buy goods and services on credit

Withdraw cash at any hour of the day or night

Make internet payments

Use the funds you need immediately, throughout the world, in the local currency

Have full control over the expenses you make – upon each cash withdrawal and each purchase made with your card you will receive a receipt apart from the monthly statement

Book hotels, theatre – or concert tickets, etc. via phone/internet just by dictating your card’s number and validity period

Use rent-a-car service

Make use of all other bonuses and schemes offered by the VISA organization

Discounts and preferences with your VISA card

You can review a complete list of merchants and e-commerce web sites where you can pay with your card and can take advantage of discounts, as well as of other special offers. Catalogs are valid until the end of 2015.

2015 Visa Merchant Offer Program – Multi-City E-Commerce

2015 Visa Merchant Offer Program -Destinations