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Internet Banking

A fast and reliable system designed to meet the needs and requirements of individual and corporate users

The Internet Banking service of Investbank offers important advantages to both companies and individuals – without having to leave their offices or homes, the Bank’s customers can conduct real-time operations on their accounts and transact electronically one or more of the following payment transactions and obtain reports:

  • make payments in BGN and foreign currency in the country and abroad, complying with the requirement to complete and file via the Internet Banking system a declaration pursuant to Art  4, Para 7 of the Money Laundering Measures Act, as well as a statistical form upon execution of transactions and transfers between domestic and foreign persons;
  • order sale and purchase of foreign currency as per the Bank’s exchange rate;
  • receive statements on their bank accounts  pursuant to Investbank’s Terms and Conditions for the rendering of payment services and opening and maintaining of bank accounts of legal entities, sole merchants, and individuals in accordance with the terms of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA);
  • receive information about interest rates, fees, commissions, and exchange rates.

 By launching its Internet Banking system, Investbank provides to its present and future customers convenience, guaranteed security, and data privacy, which is ensured through:

  • encrypted data exchange between the Bank and the customer;
  • mandatory use of either the Bank-issued digital internet banking certificate or of a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES);
  • where required by the customer, the Bank may also provide additional means for electronic identification and protection – a list of TAN (Transaction Authorization Number) codes.