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Terms of use of cookies


By accessing Investbank’s web site(s)/web based systems, you declare that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms of Use (“Terms”). The web site (s)/web based systems are administered by Investbank JSC, UIC 831663282 (the “Bank”) and are created for informational purposes and the information contained therein does not constitute direct consultation on the use of the Bank’s products and services.

In accordance with the applicable law, the Bank respects the confidentiality of your data and ensures its lawful processing and protection. These Terms are intended to give you a clear explanation of how cookies are used on the Bank’s website (s) /web-based systems.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your end-user device – a personal computer, a tablet, a mobile phone, e.t.c. They are used to identify and recognize the device and remember your preferences when dealing with information to adapt the site / systems to your preferences for your convenience in signing up for site / system services, for statistical purposes and counting visitors, which contributes to improving the site’s performance. The “cookies” used by the Bank on its website do not store data for direct user identification.

Why do we use cookies?

Investbank uses cookies on its websites / web-based systems for the following purposes:

- To protect consumer confidentiality and to prevent fraud;

- When filling in online forms on the site. The cookie storage function must be active, otherwise the user will not be able to take advantage of the services on the site offered by the Bank;

- To analyze how the websites are used and to provide better quality service. The analysis is done using Google Analytics, an Internet-based service provided by Google, which uses cookies to provide the Bank’s analysis of the site’s usage. More information about using the service is available in Google’s Privacy Policy.

- For data monitoring and management on the website / web based system. During advertising campaigns, we can measure their performance and, on the basis of the results received, to improve the design and structure of the site / web based system as well as the products and services offered.

What kind of cookies do we use on Investbank’s web sites / web-based systems?

- Session cookies – these are temporary cookies, only active when the user visits the website (ie, leaves the page and closes the browser). Session cookies help the site save the steps the visitor has done on the previous page, eliminating the need for re-entering information.

 - Permanent cookies – remain on the end user’s device after visiting the site. These cookies enable authentication as a unique user (random number generated). The period for which the cookie remains on the user’s computer depends on the type of cookie.

- Functional – This type of cookies stores information about user preferences related to region selection.

- Analytical – This kind of cookies allow us to count the number of visits and traffic sources so we can track and analyze the effectiveness of our site. Information from these cookies is completely anonymous.

- Adverising cookies – this type of cookie enables us to provide engaging content for our users to their interests and preferences and the ability to avoid ads they have already seen. They help us measure the interactions of the advertising messages we distribute. Information from these cookies is anonymous.

Consent to use cookies

Before you start using the website, the Bank should receive your consent to the use of cookies. A window is available informing you about the use of cookies and asking for your consent to the use of cookies by clicking the “I agree” button.

Deactivating or restricting some of the cookies is made by the settings of your web browser. Disclaimer of cookies could result in a violation of some of the functionality of Investbank’s site / web based system.

These Terms may be reviewed and updated periodically without explicit notification to the users.