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Financial Markets

  • Financial Markets

    Today, 23.04.2017, the FX market for EURUSD has opened at 1.1247. The US dollar rate against the Japanese Yen is 125.03, and the British pound started trading against the US dollar at 1.2990. The rate of exchange for the Bulgarian lev(BGN) against the US dolllar is 1.7387. The euro is trading against the Swiss franc (CHF) at a rate of 1.0937 whereas the EURGBP exchange rate is 0.86576.

    The overnight deposi9s in BGN on the interbank market are  trading at rates BUY -0.40 and SELL -0.10. The overnight deposits in EUR are trading at -0.47 BUY and -0.37 SELL. The overnights in US dollar are trading as follows: BUY at 1.05 and SELL at 1.15. The base interest rate, determined by the Bulgarian National Bank amounts to 0.00. LEONIA index for 23.05.2017 is -0.40.






     12 619.46


    20 894.83

    Euribor 3m  -0.3729
    Euribor 6m  -0.2757
    Libor 3m 1.1864
    Libor 6m 1.4152
    Sofibor 3m 0.1130