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VISA FreeCard

For the needs of freelancers


The new international credit card of Investbank, VISA FreeCard, is developed especially for the needs of freelancer customers. The functional design of the card is fully aligned to the needs and requirements of people with stable incomes, who do not work under employment contracts and are self-insured.

VISA FreeCard in a nutshell:

  • No fee for issuing and reissuing
  • No fee for POS payment in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Diversified interest rate – lower interest rate for POS payment
  • Application is possible either by means of employment contract or a tax return
  • 30-day grace period to repay debts
  • Minimum monthly installment amounting to 5% of the debt
  • SMS notification for executed transactions, etc.

No deposits or other kinds of collaterals are needed in order to issue the card. The credit limit is defined individually – depending on the level of the social security income.

The only documents necessary for applying are an identity card and a copy of the latest filed tax return.